Project Management – Supply Chain Management – Quality Control – Cost Control

Gait project manages the entire supply chain, manufacturing and quality management process; ensuring materials, production tools, production processes and part approvals are all ready to produce high-quality precision products, when you need them.

We have a complex supply chain, how can we make sure everything is ready on time?

Gait’s project manager liaises with all your suppliers on a daily basis, ensuring materials are in place and production is on track. We have experience sourcing and managing suppliers from all over the world. Regular and clear communication is key to having your supply chain run smoothly.

We are having quality control issues, can you help?

Ensuring top quality in every shipment requires detailed planning and testing. In every Gait project, our quality engineers work closely with our clients to ensure each step in the process has the right control measures in place and that test jigs and fixtures are developed to ensure all the critical functional and aesthetic criteria is checked before product is shipped.

Our unit cost is too high, what can we do to improve this?

High unit cost can be due to many factors – materials, processes, quality issues, supplier location etc. The Gait team has a cross-functional approach to reviewing product costs, we bring together our team of engineers, supply base managers, quality assurance and suppliers and work together to find solutions to reduce unit costs.