Gait enables you to refine your product designs to ensure the most cost-effective and high-quality product can be manufactured at scale.

How can you achieve the most cost-effective and functional design?

We break the product right down and work with manufacturers that can offer a customized solution for materials, processes and finishes. Gait’s extensive network of 500+ contract manufacturers and experience at supporting thousands of projects enables you to achieve this with minimal cost and resource requirements. This ensures you are able to make informed decisions about materials, processes and finishes and build the best possible product at the right price.

How can you ensure your product is ready to build at scale?

Gait gets involved early in the design process. Gait’s team of engineers are specialized in supporting the design process through the design for manufacture stage and ensuring that tooling, manufacturing and quality control processes will be ready to build to meet your volume needs. Having a team work with you to manage all the verification builds, ensures that your product is robust and will meet all your critical design criteria in mass production.


Gait project manages the entire supply chain, manufacturing and quality management process; ensuring materials, production tools, production processes and part approvals are all ready to produce high-quality precision products, when you need them.

We have a complex supply chain, how can we make sure everything is ready on time?

Gait’s project manager liaises with all your suppliers on a daily basis, ensuring materials are in place and production is on track. We have experience sourcing and managing suppliers from all over the world. Regular and clear communication is key to having your supply chain run smoothly.

We are having quality control issues, can you help?

Ensuring top quality in every shipment requires detailed planning and testing. In every Gait project, our quality engineers work closely with our clients to ensure each step in the process has the right control measures in place and that test jigs and fixtures are developed to ensure all the critical functional and aesthetic criteria is checked before product is shipped.

Our unit cost is too high, what can we do to improve this?

High unit cost can be due to many factors – materials, processes, quality issues, supplier location etc. The Gait team has a cross-functional approach to reviewing product costs, we bring together our team of engineers, supply base managers, quality assurance and suppliers and work together to find solutions to reduce unit costs.


Gait’s total logistics solution ensures we deliver products to where you need them, when you need them. We take complete ownership of your product until it has reached its final destination.

We need more transparency into our supply chain and our product production?

Having clear visibility and transparency into what products you have on order, in production and in transit can be critical for key business decisions. Gait’s logistics and warehouse management team, can keep track of this for you. The communication and relationships we have with our suppliers enables us to provide this up to date information to you and so you can focus on the rest of your business.

We have multiple locations to deliver parts to, can you manage that?

With a centrally located hub in Asia, Gait can consolidate your products from multiple suppliers and then “pick and pack” bulk deliveries around the globe. This reduces costs and saves time for our clients, which enables them to

We require “just in time” delivery, can you offer a vendor managed inventory solution?

Gait can offer an in-region service to manage inventory on your behalf and deliver it on a weekly basis to your assembly line. This enables our clients to reduce inventory costs, storage costs and stay nimble to client demand