Logistics Management – Inventory Management – Global Fulfillment – Vendor Managed Inventory

Gait’s total logistics solution ensures we deliver products to where you need them, when you need them. We take complete ownership of your product until it has reached its final destination.

We need more transparency into our supply chain and our product production?

Having clear visibility and transparency into what products you have on order, in production and in transit can be critical for key business decisions. Gait’s logistics and warehouse management team, can keep track of this for you. The communication and relationships we have with our suppliers enables us to provide this up to date information to you and so you can focus on the rest of your business.

We have multiple locations to deliver parts to, can you manage that?

With a centrally located hub in Asia, Gait can consolidate your products from multiple suppliers and then “pick and pack” bulk deliveries around the globe. This reduces costs and saves time for our clients, which enables them to

We require “just in time” delivery, can you offer a vendor managed inventory solution?

Gait can offer an in-region service to manage inventory on your behalf and deliver it on a weekly basis to your assembly line. This enables our clients to reduce inventory costs, storage costs and stay nimble to client demand