Urgent Cost Reduction Required

Urgent Cost Reduction Required

Washing Machine Shaft for Appliance Client

Global kitchen and laundry appliance brand, operating in 50 countries and manufacturing in Thailand, Mexico, China and Italy.

Business Need:
Urgent need to reduce the cost of a key component in the high quality finish X machine. The component was manufactured in New Zealand at the time.

Gait Solution:
Gait’s Design for Manufacture engineering team, reviewed the component and focussed on optimizing the production processes so that the high quality of the component could be maintained while ensuring the cost per unit was reduced. Exhaustive material finish testing was conducted to ensure the most efficient materials were being used to meet the products fuction and design needs.

  1. Process Automation: originally the parts were manually loaded in the the CNC machines. A custom production line was built with full automation to load and unload the parts.
  2. Material Assessment: through a matrix of material testing, the anodizing surface finish was removed from the process as the test results proved that the process cost was greater than the benefit received.

Business Outcomes:
Process Automation: significantly reduced the cost price per unit and increased the production yield rate
Material Assessment: reduced the cost by 3.2% and made production more efficient