Supply Chain Consolidation and Global Logistics

Supply Chain Consolidation and Global Logistics

World Class Home Brew Startup

New Zealand growth stage startup with technology to enable world-class beer to be brewed at home.

Business Need:
Two key drivers – reduce cost and consolidate the supply chain to be more nimble and deliver globally. The small team didn’t have the in-house expertise and experience to do this

Gait Solution:
Gait’s expertise in supply chain and project management were the key skill sets that this company needed. Gait’s network of suppliers were already manufacturing a number of products for this team. We helped to take over management of their supply chain in Asia.

  1. Supply Chain Management: engaged all of the suppliers in the supply chain, communicated with them on behalf of the client on a daily basis
  2. Project Management: overall responsibility for ensuring materials were all in place and production was run on time to meet the clients’ needs.
  3. Logistics Consolidation and Cost Savings: Consolidated products in Asia, to enable the New Zealand startup to ship product direct to the USA and Australia

Business Outcomes:
Reduced Shipping Costs and Leadtimes: as Asia is a global shipping hub, shipping costs were reduced to their global partners and customers received goods much faster.
Reduced Resources: the support of the Gait team enabled the startup to focus resources on developing new products and expanding it’s customer network