Quality and Supply Chain Challenges

Quality and Supply Chain Challenges

Critical Oven Door component

Industry leading supplier of commercial cooking equipment, exporting to over 50 countries globally.

Business Need:
Urgent need to improve quality on the oven door critical component due to high reject rates and supply chain management. Lacked team bandwidth and expertise to find an alternative supplier

Gait Solution:
Gait’s Supply chain and engineering teams, assessed potential suppliers across Taiwan, Thailand and China and selected a premium stainless steel supplier from the Gait network that consistently delivers high quality product. They worked with the team to ensure all the clients critical quality criteria was met.

  1. Quality Control: all critical elements were monitored (dimenesions, weld strength etc) and further test gauges were developed for final inspection before shipping
  2. Cosmetic Finish: cosmetics was also a key characteristic of this component, the new tool and additional checks ensured this product maintained this key factor.

Business Outcomes:
Zero Defects: the experienced supplier and quality control measures implemented ensured this part was shipped with zero defects every time.
Resource Optimization: our client’s team were able to spend their time on other projects as Gait had given them complete peace of mind for this critical component.