Design, Develop, Deliver retail-ready product

Design, Develop, Deliver retail-ready product

US Based Solid State Cooling technology for medical/pharmaceutical refrigerators

Business Need:
Client had developed an innovative technology and had a wide span of engineers but didn’t have the expertise to put together a commercially viable retail-ready product from scratch.

Gait Solution:
Gait’s experience at working in the appliance industry for 10 years and extensive network of suppliers, enabled them to work alongside the client’s engineers to bring a ground breaking innovative product to market within 10 months

  1. Engineering Expertise: Gait engineers worked alongside the customer and supplier to develop custom tools and jigs for each step of the production process
  2. Process & Testing Management : Gait managed the product development through all of the production verification builds and parts approvals.
  3. Supply Chain Management: Gait’s team managed the 234 piece Bill of Materials across over 20 suppliers (plastic injection, PCBA, stainless steel, copper, wiring harnesses, foam, soft goods, sensors, packaging) to ensure production was delivered on time at the target cost

Business Outcomes:
Speed to Market: Gail delivered this innovative retail-ready product, from initial prototype to shipped goods within ten months.
Complete Transparency: the customer had complete transparency across the full supply chain, so they had peace of mind that their supply chain was completely under control