Case Study: Global Logistics Solution

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Case Study: Global Logistics Solution

A New Zealand growth stage startup had the technology to enable world-class beer to be brewed at home. They needed to adapt their production and supply chain so that they could be more nimble and deliver this solution globally. They turned to the experienced and centrally located team at Gait International to help set them up for success.

The Opportunity

As every growth phase startup knows, it is critical to put in the right foundations for your production and supply chain to set yourself up for success. This New Zealand based startup knew that speed, agility and cost competitiveness would enable them to continue on their growth trajectory. 

The team initially engaged Gait to work on a new accessory product for the brand, and were extremely happy with the partnership and results that Gait delivered for them. The team had project managed the project efficiently and had ensured that communication was always clear and to the point. 

The team then engaged Gait to provide the supply chain for a number of new accessory products manufactured in Asia which would then be delivered to both themselves and their customers global warehouses.

The Solution

Supply Chain Management
Exceptional supply chain management is fundamental to the success of any production project and Gait’s Supply Base Team is exceptional at what they do. The team engaged both new and existing suppliers for these projects and communicated with them daily to ensure all materials, processes and finishes were as per the customers specification.

Project Management
Running an effective supply chain means that you have all the right product arriving at the right location at the right time. Gait took responsibility for ensuring all materials were in place and production was able to run on-time to meet the clients’ growing needs. With the Gait team working directly with the suppliers on a daily basis, ensured a much higher level of flexibility and commitment from the supply base.

Logistics Consolidation
Having a centrally located hub in Asia gives enhanced flexibility to companies who need to ship a range of products globally. Gait consolidated all the accessories in Asia and enabled the New Zealand startup to ship product direct to the USA and Australia.

The Results

Reduced Costs and Leadtimes
Consolidating product in one Asian hub, led to a great reduction in shipping costs and reduced shipping lead times by over 40%. This led to much a higher appetite from distributors and customers to place orders and increase sales.

Sales Network Expansion and Accelerated Growth
The support of the Gait Project Management and Supply Chain Management resources and experience enabled the startup to focus their resources on developing new products, expanding their sales network and thus accelerating their growth.